IT Hardware Procurement Services for Businesses

At Beasley Technology, we work with our clients to evaluate and determine the best suited computers, components, and network systems for their staffing and business needs. Our clients include many Oklahoma school systems as well as both small and medium sized businesses.

Our hardware procurement services include computers, monitors, network servers, printers, and everything in between. So, if you need help starting from scratch to build an entire infrastructure or just need to add or refresh components on your network, our IT professionals can assist you throughout the process. Our procurement services will have you covered.

In addition to saving you both time and money, here at Beasley Technology we also offer a variety of infrastructure management services. After we help you update or completely install and implement your network components, we'll be here to help monitor and manage your network.

Why Use Our IT Hardware Procurement Services:

The biggest advantage to using the Beasley Technology hardware procurement services is the cost savings that we as an IT company can take advantage of through partnering with dealers, incentives, and bulk purchases that we can then pass along. By working with Beasley Technology we'll make sure that the hardware you ultimately purchase is the right fit for your business needs. Getting it right the first time saves both time and money.

You can be confident in both the equipment you purchase and our IT professionals that will work with you. Our professionals are well trained in working with the components that we offer. They understand which components are compatible with each other as well as your business needs so you can be confident knowing your equipment will work as you need it to.

Wasting time is wasting money. We know making these types of purchases is a big decision that can potentially have a huge impact on your business. We strive to take the struggle and stress out this process for you.

As a part of our procurement services, we'll review your business needs and requirements with you. By taking the time to do this we can accurately discuss and ultimately recommend the best options available to you.

Our team can assist you with:

• Designing and planning a new network

• Upgrading an existing network

• Improving network performance

• Providing new computer systems to replace outdated equipment

• Reducing your total cost of ownership through procurement strategies

Contact Us today to find out more about our IT Hardware Procurement Services or any of our other IT Consulting And Infrastructure Management Services we proudly offer.