Peace Of Mind

Working with Beasley Technology saves me time and brings me peace of mind. I do not have to personally oversee projects when we work together. Their team is extremely professional and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is completed beyond expectations. I have complete confidence that everyone on the Beasley team is well trained and professional in their respective area. Their work is superb!

The biggest difference I have seen between Beasley Technology and other IT firms is that they go out of their way to ensure we are completely satisfied. If that means training a dozen extra people to use some new software or working late to make sure our systems are performing at 100%; they will do it.

​Beasley Technology is one of the most professional and well trained IT firms that you’re going to find.

jason baxter Jason Baxter Technology Director
Lone Grove Schools

Outstanding! They Have the Skills, The Engineers, and Customer Service To Backup What They Sell!

Beasley Technology’s service has been outstanding! They seamlessly installed our new phone system and have been here to support us every step of the way. They don’t just answer our questions about the system, they are willing to teach us about the technology,so we can help ourselves as we need. They always resolve our issues quickly and efficiently.

They have the skills, the engineers, and the customer service to backup the products they provide. They just don’t sell us product, they put in the time to help us effectively plan and integrate it into our district based off of our needs.

Lisa Wells Technology Director
Owasso Public Schools

They Understand My Vision

Since 2012, I have worked with several different technology vendors​, but I always end up coming back to Beasley Technology because of the quality of work, friendliness of integrators, and understanding of complex issues and ability to see and understand my vision.

Anytime (on the very rare occasion) ​something doesn't get properly installed to my very high expectations and standards they are always willing to resolve and correct it to my standards.

Beasley provides our school the the same quality of services that Fortune 500 companies demand.

Justin Annis Technology Director
Cushing Public Schools


We had just switched from Dell’s Backup Solution “Appasure” to Beasley’s “FortNOC” Backup Service because we thought that Dell had it setup and was monitoring it but they WEREN’T so we called the Good Guys at Beasley Technologies to help us out.

They fixed the Appasure issue and then I requested a quote for their solution and had it installed. The very next month after FortNOC was up and running we had an unrecoverable OS crash on our Dell Server running “Zetron” which is our 911 Call Taking System server!! (OMG! I know right?!?)

Their server management team actually was the first to notify me that we had an issue around midnight. They immediately went to work setting up the Virtual “Zetron” server and had us back online within 30mins or less!!

NO PROBLEM IS EVER OUT OF THEIR ABILITIES! We have had some very complex issues, not because of our size but rather due to the number of interfaces we have between servers and software.

We rely heavily on Beasley Technologies for most of our IT Support and Services for ALL of our ‘Mission Critical’ Systems and they have NEVER let us down! Reliable, Fair, and Responsible!

Marty Kimble 911 Coordinator
Cherokee County 911

Unprecedented Service that Checks All Boxes

Like many other schools, the technology in our district had seen better days. I decided that we needed to rebuild the network from the ground up. After meeting the Beasley team, in person, we formulated a game plan to make it all happen.  Their transparency and dependability are hard to find in this business.

Beasley Technology's level of communication, technical expertise, and genuine passion for what they do is evident throughout their organization.

Mark Carroll Director of Technology
Alva Public Schools

Locally Owned and Operated here in Oklahoma

Though Beasley Technology is a “small” business, they have always offered us great pricing and superior customer service.

They take pride in their business and they make sure that everything they do is of the highest quality. Because they are owned and operated here in Oklahoma, our tax dollars are able to be kept here in our local economy.

Superior Customer Service!

Jason Bengs Technology Director
Clinton Public Schools

They Treat Us Like We Are Part Of The Family

Drumright Dental Center is a busy dental practice with multiple locations. We have partnered with Beasley Technology for many years because they treat us like we are part of their family. They support all our locations with prompt and competent support. It is hard to find business relationships like that today.

Travis Burkett Owner
Drumright Dental Center

One Stop Shop!

Beasley Technology is a one-stop shop for all of our tech support needs. They focus on our technology so we can focus on educating our students.

Ben Harris Co-Founder
Epic Charter Schools

Excellent Support Service

Excellent support service even after working hours. I travel a lot and Beasley has been very supportive of resolving my problems even overseas at odd times of the day and after working hours. Responsive day or night. Beasley functions like we do, take care of your clients!!

Besides being responsive and always available, Beasley personnel are very considerate, conscientious, and courteous. Beasley serves their clients like we do, and that is why we use them! The client’s needs come first!



Enos Stover Owner
Stover Group

Improved Speed and Consistency

Beasley Technology has helped us to greatly improve the speed and consistency of our network. They took the time to learn about our pain points first before recommending and implementing solutions. When issues do arise and we are in need of technical support and advice, they follow through until the issue is fully resolved with excellent customer service.

Integral To Our School Operation

David White Director of Technology
Idabel Public Schools

More Than an IT Firm - They are a Trusted Business Partner

Beasley Technology does not sell to meet quotas like some other firms do. Instead, they collaborate with us to provide solid technological solutions. Their experience and knowledge of the products help us ensure we get the best value for our investment. They are more than an IT firm, they are a trusted business partner.

Brian Gaddy Technology Director
Autry Technology Center